Who? Eternal wanderer and shameless hedonist. Not quite certain of what is I seek but having a beautiful time looking for it. I share. I take. I live. I compose thoughts without much forethought (like this blog for instance) so you can assume that it’s real.

In spite of acting on whims, I am thoughtful. And kind. I’m a friend you’ll want to have in spite of my eccentricities. I’m a friend you’ll want to have because of my eccentricities.

What about you?


Appearance? I’m cute and organic looking. I could easily be your neighbor! I got legs that stretch. Puts me at around 5 10 or so. I’m lean. 120. Brown/Brown. Here are a couple photos


Where?  Based in Baltimore.  Here, I’m available for gallery viewings, lectures or whatever 🙂

Introductions: $800 for up to 1.5 hours of study

Additional Time: $500 Hourly for 2 or more hours of edification

Extended: $1800 for 4 hours of enlightenment

Wandering: $3000 for 8 hour field learning expedition

You can send a carrier pigeon to communicate about the agenda. Or you can email if you prefer something more efficient :3  You can follow me on Twitter too in case I decide to start Tweeting – @shesadrift!